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Long Beach BAC Test Attorney

The Long Beach DUI Attorney works quickly in every client’s case to determine how their charges will be filed and how best to handle the evidence against their case. Such evidence includes Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) test results.

The legal limit for alcohol in the state of California is .08%. Most people assume that having a higher BAC test will automatically result in a guilty conviction in court, but this is actually a misconception. While testing above the legal limit will certainly result in a DUI arrest, a good DUI attorney knows how to challenge the legal validity of these results in court.

Some BAC tests are more accurate than others. Blood and urine tests for instance, are always more scientifically accurate than breath tests, which are the most common form of BAC testing typically administered at the scene for the traffic stop. Sometimes arrested offenders aren’t actually eligible for BAC testing if they have been diagnosed with certain health problems.

Our Long Beach DUI Lawyer Can Find Flaws

An experienced Long Beach DUI lawyer will be able to exploit any small error in your case, especially any error made by the arresting police officer concerning your BAC test results. But first, you must appoint an attorney to begin working on your case.

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