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Automobile accidents involving DUI charges are all too common throughout the 50 states. But if you or your loved one is involved in an automobile accident that results in the injury of another combined with a DUI charge, you could possibly face harsher penalties than the average DUI.

In the state of California, a DUI with an injury could result in up to 6 years in state prison. If your DUI accident resulted in a death, you could face up to 10 years in state prison.

A skilled Long Beach DUI attorney will build a solid case in your defense using legal methods to invalidate the charges against you. In the case of an accident with an injury, you will need your lawyer to investigate the details of the case thoroughly and prove that you in fact did not cause the accident. This is significant to the validity of the charges against you---if you didn’t cause the accident you can’t be held accountable for any injuries.

Our Long Beach DUI Attorney Provides Skilled Defense

Next, your Long Beach DUI lawyer will attempt to convince the court that your BAC level was not over the legal limit, a feat easy enough for any experienced DUI lawyer.

In the case of a death resulting from your DUI automobile accident, it is critical that you contact our Long Beach DUI attorneys immediately. DUI vehicular manslaughter is a very serious charge that the prosecution will attempt to pin on you without pause. If convicted, you will go to prison and your life and the lives of your family will change dramatically.

Our firm of Long Beach DUI attorneys can defend any DUI automobile accident case. Contact us today for an immediate consultation.