DMV Hearings

There is a common misconception we hear all of the time from our clients following a DUI arrest. No, a DMV hearing is NOT a DUI court case! The state of California has empowered the DMV as its own separate entity. After you are arrested for DUI, you will have to deal with the legal court system where the arrest occurred and the DMV. The Long Beach DUI attorneys can help you deal with each process to solve your DUI case in both systems and get your life back on track.

A client will typically receive a temporary license revocation at the scene of the arrest. However, this revocation does not automatically mean that your license will be suspended if your Long Beach DUI lawyer acts quickly.

Legally, you have 10 calendar days following your DUI arrest to request a hearing with the DMV. If you do not make this request within the 10 days you will forego your right to a hearing and your license will automatically be suspended. This suspension could be for a few weeks or a few months---can you really afford to be without your driver’s license for any length of time?

DMV hearings are not overseen by a judge, but rather DMV employees. For this reason many people believe that they can handle this particular hearing without legal advice, and many of those people find themselves in over their heads. DMV hearings do not care about testimony, but evidence. You will need an experienced Long Beach DUI attorney to prove to the DMV that your test results were inaccurate and that any evidence against you is inconclusive.

The DMV can and will punish anyone arrested for DUI, even if your case is dismissed in court. Don’t lose your driver’s license! Contact the Long Beach DUI attorneys today.