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A felony by its very definition is any offense punishable by a sentence in state prison in addition to fines and other consequences. If you or your loved one is facing a felony DUI charge, the outcome of your case depends on the experience of your attorney and how quickly that attorney begins your case. Our firm of Long Beach DUI attorneys knows just how to proceed in any felony DUI case with aggressive action that will produce the most positive results.

You can be charged with a felony DUI if:

Our Long Beach DUI Lawyer Will Protect Your Rights

Unfortunately for DUI defendants, “injury” is a very broad definition. The injured party does not even have to go to the hospital to report an injury that will be used as evidence to convict you.

In the case of an injury or death, your lawyer will need to use every scrap of evidence to prove that you were not the cause of the accident. If your attorney can prove legally that you were not the cause of the accident you cannot be held responsible for any injuries incurred.

Prosecutors are sometimes known to overcharge for felony drunk driving, even if the defendant was not the cause of the accident. Don’t let this happen to you by hiring the best Long Beach DUI attorney possible.

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